RDN-430 Photoelectric identification and electronic interference system adopts the integrated design and installation of long-distance visible light camera and radio jamming equipment, and the variable-speed turntable realizes all-round non-blind angle monitoring and high-precision positioning. And the system can be linked with radar, accept the signal from the superior command and control system, automatically point to the target to implement jamming, and can automatically adjust the jamming direction according to the real-time updated azimuth signal. The system has friendly man-machine interface, convenient operation and easy use. It has automatic and manual control modes, which can be selected and switched by users, and can be unattended 24 hours. Based on IP design, it has good openness and scalability, and can be networked with multiple units to realize remote control and operation of the equipment by the command center. The system has a high degree of modularity, has a complete BIT function and fault location function, and can monitor the working status of each equipment in real time, with good reliability and maintainability. Professional design is beautiful, sturdy, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, waterproof, acid rain resistance, good durability, strong environmental adaptability, and can work normally all year round. It can be erected on the top of the mountain, on the roof of the building, vehicles and other occasions by using a fixed platform, which is flexible and convenient to use.


 Detection distance:>2km (fine weather, target type: DJI Phantom 4)

 Interference frequency band: 900 MHz ~930 MHz

                                                   1555 MHz-1620MHz

                                                   2400 MHz〜2483 MHz

                                                   5725 MHz~5825 MHz

 Interference frequency bands can be customized according to requirements

 Interference distance: ≥1.5km

 •Working mode: 24*7 hours working mode, unattended

 Turntable rotation angle: horizontal: 0-360°


 Weight: 70k

 Working temperature: -20°C-+50°C

 Interface: including but not limited to RJ45 network interface

 Power supply: AC220  

 Protection level: not less than IP66

 Windproof: When the installation is stable, can work normally under level 6 wind, and will not be damaged under level 10 wind

Product features

  • reconnaissance and strike

    It can automatically identify , track and interfere with the target

  • Monitoring with no blind area

    Omnidirectional monitoring and high-precision positioning

  • Integrated design

    Integration of photoelectric identification and radio jamming equipment

  • Radar linkage

    Automatically point to the target according to the signal provided by command center

  • Unattended

    With unattended function

  • BIT function

    Monitor the working status of each equipment in real time

Product pictures

Product video

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