The RDN-400 series Radio detection and jamming device can quickly identify the UAV's image transmission signal and data link signal, and can effectively detect UAVs out of visual range; through manual operation, electronic interference signals of different frequencies can be generated.It can directionally cut off the communication and navigation links of the drone in multiple frequency bands, making the drone drive away or forced landing, which can effectively interfere with the drone outside the line of sight; after the drone is detected, it can automatically sound an alarm. It can accurately find the direction of the target; it has an unattended function, and it can automatically interfere with the target after detecting the drone without manual operation: it can display various parameters of the drone.


RDN-400B Radio Detection and Jamming Device


RDN-400C Radio Detection and Jamming Device


Product features

  • reconnaissance and strike

    It can automatically identify , track and interfere with the target

  • Convenient design

    It can be operated by one person or equipped with tripod

  • Large screen

    Large screen, with clear information

  • Self protection function

    Automatically take protective measures to avoid equipment damage

  • Integrated design

    Integrated circuit and antenna

  • Built in lithium battery

    Support quick plug and power display

Product pictures

Product video

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