The RDN-401 radio detection and Jamming system can continuously detect and identify the data link signals and image transmission signals of typical UAVs for 360° without dead ends for 7×24 hours; after detecting the UAV signal, it can make the UAV in the area unable to take off or forced to return, and at the same time cuts off the image transmission signal; with high reliability, unattended mode.

 Maximum detection distance:8km(the typical target is DJI Phantom 4, It can identify whether it is UAV signal or normal communication signal)

 Detection frequency band:35MHz~6GHz

 Detecting airspace:position:0〜360°

 Jamming distance: >1.5km

 Jamming airspace: position:。〜360°

 Jamming frequency: a) Covering GPS, BD, GLONASS, Galileo Navigation  frequency points



                                     d)The interference frequency band can be customized according to the user's needs

 With automatic / manual interference function

 Auxiliary function: automatic audible alarm function

 Protection level: IP66

 Control interface: 100M net port (UDP/TCP)

Product features

  • automation

    With automatic jamming function

  • Alarm function

    Sound and light alarm function

  • Unattended

    With unattended function

  • With wide detection band

    Detection band 35MHz ~ 6GHz

  • Frequency customization

    Jamming frequency band can be customized

  • reconnaissance and strike

    It can automatically identify , track and interfere with the target

Product pictures

Product video

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