RDN-1000 “Air fence"system composed of RDN-101 “Low ,Slow and Small”Target Searching Radar, RDN-410 Radio Detection System, RDN-301/302 Optoelectronic Detection System, RDN-400/420 Radio Jamming System, RDN-403 Radio Jamming System, RDN-501 UAV spoofing system, portable jamming decice, etc. It can also integrate Laser, microwave, net catching and other hard killing systems. It can detect, search and track low altitude and ultra-low altitude targets such as UAV, aviation model, power umbrella, hot air balloon airship, ultra light aircraft, light helicopter, glider, etc. in all-weather and all-round way, obtain the parameter information of the target ,such as their distance, direction, height, speed and form the motion track, and transmit the information to the command and control system to assist the commander to formulate the defense action plan, guide and control each counter equipment to conduct electronic interference and attack the target, and also guide the ground security group to catch the UAV operator.


Working process

The radar system searches the target and uploads the detected target information in real time. When there is no task to track the target, the photoelectric system can switch to the search mode and upload the detected target information in real time. The radio detection system detects drone signals in real time. The command and control system receives and integrates target information to generate a comprehensive air situation trend chart, and the commander releases combat missions according to the current air situation or the system automatically. Command and control system distribute target guide information to counter system, based on threat level of the intrusion target (according to the user to the importance of the penalty area, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) flight speed, or flight to set different threat level) adjust and guide the counter system, target the continuous directional interference, omnidirectional induced interference or satellite navigation. According to the radar detection of the return course position of the UAV, detect the suspected position of the UAV operator, and guide the ground personnel to track and capture the UAV operator. The UAV and the operator can also be located using dual- station/multi-station radio detection equipment (when using other strike means, the photoelectric system will automatically switch to the tracking mode, lock the target, conduct real-time tracking, and transmit the target information to the command and control system in real time, and the charging system will guide the attack on the target).



• Radar detection distance: 6-8km (quadrotor UAV, thetypical target is DJI Phantom4), 15-30km(Military UAV)

• Radar detection speed: 1 〜400m/s

• Radar detection accuracy(RMS): distance accuracy ≤10m , azimuth accuracy< 0.5°, pitch accuracy< 0.5°

• Radio detection band: 35MHz~6GHz

• Radio detection distance: 8km(The typical target is Phantom 4,it can identify whether it is UAV signal or normal communication signal)

• Radio detection airspace:0 ~ 360°

• Infrared detection distance: 4km(Target: DJI Phantom 4; Temperature: 5 °C, relative humidity: 60%, temperature difference between target and environment: 5K)

• Detection distance of visible light: 4km

• Navigation signal interference distance:≥  5km

• Interference frequency of navigation signal:Covering GPS, BD, GLONASS, Galileo Navigation frequency points

• Radio signal interference frequency:20MHz ~ 6G Hz

• Interference distance of radio signal: ≥ 15km (depending on the distance between the drone and the drone operator);

• Interference beam width: 30°

• Target parameters: batch number, attribute, latitude and longitude, height, speed, threat level, etc

• Track display: < 256 batches

• Processing delay: <10ms

Product features

  • BIT function

    Monitor the working status of each equipment in real time

  • reconnaissance and strike

    It can automatically identify , track and interfere with the target

  • Unattended

    With unattended function

  • Perfect function

    Quickly detect, lock, track and strike the targets

  • Track and capture

    Guide ground security personnel to track and capture "Black Fly"

  • Alarm function

    Sound and light alarm function

Product pictures

Product video

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