RDN-1000 Vehicle-mounted UAV detection and countermeasure system comprehensively uses a variety of detection methods such as radar, infrared, visible light, and radio detection to cross-cover low-altitude and ultra-low-altitude airspace, greatly improving target detection and discovery capabilities; integrated detection, command , control, guidance, interference and countermeasures in one, can be combined with tactical requirements to quickly detect and find targets, quickly lock and track, and quickly aim and strike; based on IP design, it can be networked, reconfigurable, scalable, and high modular. With complete BIT function and fault location function, can monitor the working status of each equipment in real time, use GPS and Beidou for real-time, automatic positioning and north finding, front-end equipment can be unattended; the vehicle can be deployed randomly to guarantee The safety of key areas is flexible and maneuverable.


• Radar detection distance: 6-8km (quadrotor UAV, thetypical target is DJI Phantom4), 15-30km(Military UAV)

• Radar detection speed: 1 〜400m/s

• Radar detection accuracy(RMS): distance accuracy ≤10m , azimuth accuracy< 0.5°, pitch accuracy< 0.5°

• Radio detection band: 35MHz~6GHz

• Radio detection distance: ≥ 8km(The typical target is Phantom 4,it can identify whether it is UAV signal or normal communication signal)

• Radio detection airspace:0 ~ 360°

• Infrared detection distance: ≥ 4km(Target: DJI Phantom 4; Temperature: 5 °C, relative humidity: 60%, temperature difference between target and environment: 5K)

• Detection distance of visible light: ≥ 4km

• Navigation signal interference distance:≥  5km

• Interference frequency of navigation signal:Covering GPS, BD, GLONASS, Galileo Navigation frequency points

• Radio signal interference frequency:20MHz ~ 6G Hz

• Interference distance of radio signal: ≥ 15km (depending on the distance between the drone and the drone operator);

• Interference beam width: 30°

• Target parameters: batch number, attribute, latitude and longitude, height, speed, threat level, etc

• Track display: < 256 batches

• Processing delay: <10ms

Product features

  • Perfect function

    Quickly detect, lock, track and strike the targets;

  • Track and capture

    Guide ground security personnel to track and capture "Black Fly"

  • reconnaissance and strike

    It can automatically identify , track and interfere with the target

  • Unattended

    With unattended function

  • Alarm function

    Sound and light alarm function

  • BIT function

    Monitor the working status of each equipment in real time

Product pictures

Product video

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