RDN-800 Command and control system has the functions of target detection, combat command, guidance interference, and auxiliary capture. It can track and locate targets, monitor in real time, and receive target information from various detection equipment such as radar detection, radio detection and photoelectric detection in real time to form a comprehensive situation, which is displayed  to the commander in the form of a table or an integrated situation map, so that the commander can understand the monitoring situation of the "low, slow, small target in the control area. By calculating the threat level of the target, it can assist the commander to quickly formulate a defensive operation plan, command and control countermeasures such as omnidirectional and directional jamming systems have implemented countermeasures against illegal drones.The system is developed based on a standard network protocol and can be directly connected to the superior management and control system as required; the system has a status monitoring function, which can view the operation of the system in real time; it can send the location of the drone in the control area to the relevant task personnel in time through the dedicated mobile phone APP software , altitude, speed and other information, carry out personnel task assignment, assist in the implementation of capture; can automatically record and store flight history records, real-time flight data, support trajectory playback, to meet post-tracking and evidence collection;


● Surveillance and warning airspace radius: ≤ 60km;

● Radar detection system: ≤16 sets;

● Radio detection system: ≤16 sets;

● Photoelectric detection system: ≤16 sets;

● Cross-chain strike system: ≤32 channels;

● Scope of comprehensive intelligence: ≤256 batches

● Track display: ≤256 batches;

● Table display: ≤32 batches;

● Processing delay: ≤10ms;

● Target parameters: batch number, attributes, latitude and longitude, altitude, speed, threat level, etc.;

● The total number of batches of the target in the simulation training scenario: ≤32 batches;

● Target types: light helicopters, gliders, aviation models, drones, paramotors, airships, etc.;


Product features

  • Status monitoring

    The system operation can be viewed in real time

  • Mobile app

    Mobile app sends information to assist capture

  • Unattended

    With unattended function

  • Storing flight records

    Automatically store flight records to meet tracking and evidence collection

Product pictures

Product video

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