RDN-1000 Handheld jamming device adopts integrated design, circuit, antenna, battery, etc. are integrated; it adopts broadband jamming technology, effectively segmented, and interferes with UAV data link and navigation frequency band; it has self-protection function, when the device has overheating, output overpower, standing wave failure, etc., it will automatically take protective measures to avoid damage to the equipment; the style, weight, and volume of the equipment are ergonomically designed, easy to operate, and easy to carry.

RDN-1000A Handheld jamming device(three frequency points)


●  Interference band: covering GPS, BDS,GLONASS and other navigation frequency points and 2.4GHz, 5.8GHz

●  Jamming power: 40dBm±3dBm

●  Jamming distance: >1000 meter

●  Direction of interference: directional jamming

●  Two button operation mode: one button is the drive away function and the other is the forced landing function

●  Weight: <2.3kg

●  Power supply mode: removable lithium battery

●  Continuous working time: >1 hour

●  Size: (total length)600mmx(total I width)75mmx(total height)260mm

●  Work temperature: -20°C ~ +50°C

RDN-1000B Handheld jamming device(five frequency points)


 Jamming frequency: GPS and other navigation frequency bands and 433MHz,  900MHz,2.4GHz, 5.8GHz frequency bands

 Number of simultaneous interference frequency bands: 2-band, 3-band and  Full band mode

 Jamming distance: ≥1000m

 Direction of management and control : directional jamming

 Working mode: multiple anti control mode supported by drive 1, drive 2,   navigation interference button and their       combination settings

 Weight of whole machine: <2.5kg

 Power supply mode: removable lithium battery

 Overall power consumption: <120W

 Battery continuous working time: >1hour

 Size: (total length)600mmx(total width)75mmx(total height)260mm

 Working temperature: -20-50℃

Product features

  • Convenient design

    It can be operated by one person or equipped with tripod

  • Self protection function

    Automatically take protective measures to avoid equipment damage

  • Integrated design

    Integrated circuit and antenna

  • Built in lithium battery

    Support quick plug and power display

Product pictures

Product video

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