RDN-420 Radio jamming system is capable of effectively interfering with UAV remote control, image transmission and satellite navigation signals, make the interfered UAV to return home (only interfere with remote control and image transmission signals, not navigation signals) or forced landing (interfere with remote control, image transmission, and navigation at the same time); It is able to link with radar and photoelectric systems, receive signals from the control system, automatically point to the interference target, and can automatically adjust the interference direction according to the real-time updated azimuth signal; with automatic and manual control modes; with self-checking function after power-on, which can automatically detect whether internal components are working properly; friendly man-machine interface, unattended for 24 hours.


● Interference frequency band: 300M〜6GHz

 Interference distance: >5km

 Interference range : azimuth 0°~360°

 Beam shape: cone

 Servo control mode: automatic control(command issued by software)

 Control interface: Ethernet port 100/1000Mbps

 With the function of networking by network port

 With the function of controlling the turntable through the system software to realize the horizontal and pitching rotation

 With the function of adjusting the transmitting power through the system software

Protection level: >IP66

 Working temperature: -40°—+55°

Product features

  • Unattended


  • Monitoring with no blind area

    Realization of turntable rotation0 ° ~ 360 ° azimuth coverage

  • automation

    With automatic jamming function

  • Linkage function

    It can be linked with radar and photoelectric system

  • Independent frequency selection

    With independent frequency selection function

  • BIT function

    Monitor the working status of each equipment in real time

Product pictures

Product video

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