RDN-403  Radio jamming system adopts an omnidirectional interference method. It forms a 360° "electromagnetic shield", which can prevent the drones in the no-fly area from taking off and deny the drones in the outer area from flying in.  It can prevent multiple drones in different directions from taking off or entering the protected area. Based on IP-based design, the system has a high degree of modularity, good openness, and good expandability. It can be networked with multiple devices, and is under unified control by the command center. It has a complete BIT function and fault location function, and can monitor the internal working status in real time. The man-machine interface is friendly, it can be unattended, and it can be erected on the top of the mountain, on the roof, on the car and other occasions by using a fixed platform. It is flexible and convenient to use, high reliability and convenient maintenance.


● Transmitting frequency: covering GPS, BD, GLONASS, Galileo navigation frequency, 2.4GHz, 5.8GHz, 400MHz, 900MHz frequency band;

● Interference distance: ≥1.5km;

Interference response time: ≤3s;

● Horizontal interference angle: 360°;

● With unattended function;

● With the function of networking through the network;

● Environmental adaptability: -40℃~+50℃;

● Power supply: AC220;

Product features

  • Monitoring with no blind area

    360°electromagnetic protective shield is formed

  • BIT function

    Monitor the working status of each equipment in real time

  • Unattended

    With unattended function

  • Networking function

    Multiple devices can be networked and controlled by the command center

Product pictures

Product video

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