RDN-160 sea surface and low-altitude radar can search and detect near-shore sea surface targets, search and track low-altitude targets in real time, and report sea surface and air situation information to the higher-level command center or transmit target information to the lower-level firepower unit after the target is found. The system has automatic unattended function, convenient operation and high reliability.


● Modulation Mode: Frequency modulation continuous wave

● Operating frequency: X-band

● Target type: Warship, yacht, canoe, patrol plane

● Detecting range(sea stage 3): yacht/canoe: 15km-25km

                                                    large ships: up to horizon(Normal situation)  200-280km(with good waveguide effect)

                                                    patrol plane: 50km

●  Detection Accuracy(RMS): Distance≤10m, azimuth <0.5°

●  Max. target capacity: 1000 batches

● Time of deployment/withdraw: ≤10 min

●  Network capability : Yes

●  Weight: Total weight ≤120kg, single unit weight ≤40kg

Product features

  • Unattended

    With unattended function

  • Search and track

    Search and track of low altitude targets near shore and sea in real time

  • Report air information

    Report sea and air information to superior command center

  • Reporting target information

    Transmit target information to subordinate fire units

Product pictures

Product video

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