RDN-170 Ground Surveillance Radar is mainly used for monitoring and detecting the ground targets. It can conduct all-weather early warning and scout the ambushed or ready-to-strike enemy troops, vehicles or tanks, etc. The system can also monitor the boundary region, military base and other sensitive areas.


●  Modulation system: Linear frequency modulation continuous wave and Phased array, TWS

●  Operating frequency: X-band

●  Detection range:UAV≥3km(typical target DJI Phantom4) 
                               Armed individual: 7~12km,
                               Medium tank: ≥20km

● Target type: Pedestrian, vehicle, tank, UAV,low altitude helicopter

●  Detection accuracy(RMS): Range ≤10m, azimuth pitching ≤1°

●  Minimum detection speed: 0.6km/h

●  Elevation range: ≥30°

●  Extented communication: Ethernet

● Time of deployment/withdraw: ≤ 3 min

Product features

  • Unattended

    With unattended function

  • Multi Radar Networking

    Multi radar networking capability and high detection accuracy

  • Search and track

    Search and track of low altitude targets near shore and sea in real time

Product pictures

Product video

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