" Low, Slow and Small ” Targe Searching  is an international difficulty of Science and Technology. Our RDN-101 “ Low, Slow and Small ”Targe Searching Radar is mainly used for detecting the low altitude/supper low altitude, slow speed and small target in short range to conduct the low altitude and supper low altitude air situation reconnaissance, to automatically search, track the target, and to output the target parameters and report to superior command center. 

 Operating system: Linear frequency modulation continuous wave and Phased array, TWS

 Operating frequency: X-band
 Operating mode: Portable/Vehicular
 Detection range: 6-8km (Four-rotor airwaymodel, typical target DJI Phatom 4) 15-30km ( for Military UAV)
 Detecting speed: 1 -400 m/s
 Detection Accuracy(RMS) : Range<10m, Azimuth<0.5°, Pitch<0.5°
 Pitching Angle: 0°~75°
 Azimuth range: 0°~360°
 Time of deployment/withdraw: <10min

Product features

  • Unattended

    With unattended function

  • automation

    With automatic jamming function

  • Detection capability

    It can detect low altitude, ultra-low altitude, slow speed and small targets

  • Report air information

    Report air situation information to superior command center

Product pictures

Product video

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