RDN-120 " Low, Slow and Small ” Targe Searching Radar can effectively monitor key areas, and is a rapidly deployed multifunctional surveillance radar. It adopts Ku-band continuous wave system, and can detect moving targets on the ground and slow flying targets at low altitude.It can automatically detect and locate targets such as ground personnel, armed soldiers, vehicles, tanks and UAVs. It can monitor sensitive areas such as mountains, plains, battlefields, coastlines, borders, airports, seaports and fortresses.


●  Operating system: Linear frequency modulation continuous wave and Phased array, TWS

●  Operating frequency: KU band

●  Operating mode: Portable/Vehicular

●  Detection range: 6-8km (Four-rotor airway model, typical target DJI Phantom 4)

                                15-30km ( for Military UAV)

●  Detecting speed: 1~400 m/s

●  Detection Accuracy(RMS) : Range≤10m, Azimuth≤0.5°, Pitch≤0.5°

●  Pitching Angle: 0°~75°

● Azimuth range: 0°~360°

● Time of deployment/withdraw: ≤10min

Product features

  • Transmission information

    Report the air information of the radar to the superior command center

  • Tracking record

    Real time target tracking and motion track recording

  • Detection capability

    It can detect low altitude, ultra-low altitude, slow speed and small targets

  • Flexible installation

    It can be mounted on a vehicle or erected on the top of a mountain,building, etc

Product pictures

Product video

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