RDN-410 radio detection system mainly realizes the capture, analysis and direction finding of dedicated frequency hopping signals, which are relatively less affected by terrain and objects. 24-hour continuous detection, scanning, sorting, tracking, and electromagnetic spectrum analysis, which can timely detect drones flying or preparing to take off within the scope of action; the built-in drone spectrum feature database can identify and judge drone brands through spectrum analysis. and model.


 Detection frequency band: 35MHz~6GHz

● Maximum detection distance: ≥8km

● Detecting airspace: 0~360°

● Signal pattern: UAV measurement and control signal, picture transmission / remote control signal

● Control interface: 100M net port(UDP/TCP)

Product features

  • Monitoring with no blind area

    without dead angle 7 × 24-hour continuous detection

  • With wide detection band

    Detection band 35MHz ~ 6GHz

  • Explosion proof certification

    Meet the explosion-proof requirements of petroleum, petrochemical, hazardous explosion and other occasions

  • UAV database

    Identify UAV model through spectrum analysis

Product pictures

Product video

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